The BETA Role

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What do BETAs do?

What makes the BETA role unique?


Our Team Teaching model is rooted in the power of individual relationships made possible by reduced student-to-teacher ratios. BETAs work with students in small groups within the classroom, creating safe spaces for students to more fully engage with rigorous content.


Teams power our work at every level. BETAs, a certified teacher, and a Blue Engine Coach work together as a team to maximize students’ academic growth and improve students’ classroom experience. The collaboration among these diverse teams leads to greater outcomes for students and furthers the development of BETAs as apprentice teachers.


BETAs commit to a one-year term of AmeriCorps service. At the end of the year, BETAs have the opportunity to participate for a second year with increased responsibilities and an increased living stipend. In this second year, BETAs have the option to enroll in our partner teacher residency program to become fully certified teachers the following year.

Why do people choose to become BETAs?


Some people join Blue Engine to serve for a single year before entering graduate studies or starting their career in aligned social profit work.

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Some people join Blue Engine to explore whether a career in urban education might be right for them.

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Some people join Blue Engine as graduates of NYC Schools and connect with students just like them.

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Some people join Blue Engine to prepare for a career in teaching, leveraging our teacher residency program.

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How do I become a BETA?

To take the first step in becoming a BETA, access our online application and learn more about the interview process. We host several application deadlines throughout the year for the BETA role. We appreciate your interest in the BETA role and encourage you to submit an application as soon as possible so that we can give your application the consideration it deserves.

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