Get To Know Our Partners

Thank you.

The philanthropic foundations and corporations that back Blue Engine make this work possible. To say we are grateful is an understatement.

Meet Our Premier Supporters ($50,000+)

With the support of our foundation and corporate partners, we are able to create impactful and statistically significant change for students in Blue Engine classrooms. We are grateful for their partnership and excited to reimagine learning together.

Meet Our Event Partners

The Blue Engine Annual Benefit is made possible with the generous support of our event partners. We are grateful for their investment in Blue Engine and our mission to reimagine learning together.

Meet Our Founding Partners

Our founding partners believed in Blue Engine from Day One. With their early-stage investments and support, Blue Engine built the infrastructure and foundation that have enabled our organization to grow and continuously improve. Over seven years, we have evolved from one class of 12 BETAs supporting one school into the organization we are today.

Meet Our Educational Partners

Blue Engine is proud to collaborate with some of the most highly regarded organizations in the space. Just as we believe teams enable outcomes that individuals alone cannot achieve, we equally believe that by working together, a network of organizations can create broader and deeper systemic change than any one organization alone.