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Our friends have done some pretty amazing things to make high-quality public education a reality for all students.
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Celebrate a birthday. Run a marathon. Mark your wedding. Honor that special someone.
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You’re aware of the wealth of untapped student potential and decide to make a difference! Name your campaign. Pick a photo. And — voila! — you’re ready to start raising money to help improve student achievement.

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Spread the word about your fundraiser! The more people you tell, the more you can raise to bring high-quality education to all students.

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See your money translate into better outcomes for students.

You can do anything to raise money.
Need some inspiration? These are a few of our favorite campaigns!

Sonia & Guarav

Competed for the title of spelling bee champ during Blue Engine’s annual We BEE spelling event.

Raised $16,930

Kristen & Cody

Asked for donations to improve student achievement in honor of their wedding.

Raised $2,985

What will you do to improve student outcomes?

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