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Maegan Ruiz

Director of Instruction, Co-Teaching Program

Hometown: Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Education: BA English and Education, University of Florida;
MA Teaching English, Florida Atlantic University

Maegan began her career as an English Composition instructor during her time in graduate school. Her roles as both teacher and student heavily impacted her chosen areas of research, and she spent several years studying the ways in which an individual’s identity can impact their ability to access the dominant academic discourse and therefore experience agency in terms of their own educational pursuits and life outcomes. Upon completion of her Master’s degree, Maegan began teaching 5th grade English at a charter school in St. Louis, MO. While the experience was incredibly rewarding, it also revealed that she had both passion and aptitude specifically for supporting students with learning differences in the classroom. As a result, Maegan joined the Special Education department the following year in order to work specifically with students in 5th and 6th grade who were in need of targeted Math, Reading, and Writing interventions as part of their Individualized Education Plans. During the next 4 years, Maegan saw her impact spread as she transitioned to the role of Director of Special Education and Instructional Coach. As part of her school’s leadership team, she was able to implement best practices in the areas of instruction, assessment, data teams, and compliance, which led to improved outcomes for all students regardless of their learning differences. Now that Maegan is at Blue Engine, she hopes to effect change once again by giving students greater agency over their educational and career trajectories through direct support of instructional practices for teams of teachers.