School Partners

Blue Engine’s school partnerships bring each of our core values to life every day in classrooms, where we seek to empower our students in their educational journeys. This is only possible with a foundation of strong human connections between the educators in the room, principals, school administrators, and students at the core. We believe in the power of teams at every level of the organization.

We are excited to partner with educational leaders who believe in the power of shifting traditional practices to unlock the infinite potential of their teachers and students.

We are currently recruiting school partners for the 2020-2021 school year for our Co-Teaching Program. To learn more about the partnership process, please contact

We have 16 school partners across the Bronx and Queens.

Co-Teaching Program (Classroom Coaching):

  • Urban Assembly Charter High School for Computer Science
  • Bronx High School for Writing and Communication Arts
  • The Eagle Academy for Young Men
  • Atmosphere Academy
  • Brilla College Prep Charter School
  • The American Dream Charter School
  • Validus Preparatory Academy

Co-Teaching Program (School-Based Support):

  • Business Technology Early College High School
  • Bronx Early College Academy for Teaching & Learning
  • Schuylerville Preparatory High School

AmeriCorps Program (BETA Teams):

  • MS 358 The Magnet School of STEAM Exploration and Experiential Learning
  • Bronx High School of Business
  • Bronx River High School
  • MS/HS 223 The Laboratory School of Finance & Technology
  • Bronx Academy of Letters
  • Longwood Preparatory Academy

Our school partners believe in…

  • The potential of all students

    The principals, administrators, and teachers in Blue Engine’s partner schools share our vision and belief in the infinite potential of each and every student in the classroom, as well as the power of education to unlock that potential.

  • Alignment on the team teaching model

    When the right conditions are in place, we know team teaching results in dramatic gains in academic achievement and student experience in one school year. Our school partners deeply understand the components of team teaching, and that teams of educators can practice and exercise them to empower student learning.

  • The power of teams

    Teams are at the core of Blue Engine. We provide a wide range of supports for our teams embedded in classrooms, all of which stem from a foundation of effective teamwork and deep collaboration in service of greater student outcomes.