AmeriCorps Program

Our AmeriCorps Program was founded in 2010. In this program, we assemble teams by pairing Blue Engine Teaching Apprentices (BETAs) with a DOE-certified educator to provide differentiated and targeted instruction for students. Blue Engine reimagines the traditional classroom experience by maximizing the power of multiple teachers to better meet the needs of every student, helping them to achieve dramatic academic gains and be better prepared for the rigors of college.

We are no longer accepting applications for the BETA role. For any additional questions, please reach out to


    Teams are the engine of our work. Blue Engine has developed an innovative team teaching model whereby multiple adults work as a team to create a highly personalized and rigorous learning environment for students. Each teaching team has the instructional bandwidth to build knowledge of and relationships with all students, teach a more rigorous academic curriculum, and differentiate and individualize instruction.

    Blue Engine supports the individual members of each team, as well as the entire team of teachers, to hone their practice and create classroom conditions that lead to improved academic outcomes and classroom experience for students.

    Blue Engine re-architects the classroom to better meet the needs of all students; this human-centered way of learning equips Students with critical mindsets and the knowledge and skills necessary to grow academically in the classroom and beyond.


    In modern classrooms, there is no such thing as a typical student. The teaching team is structured to implement various instructional models in a single classroom – addressing variations in student achievement, academic needs, and learning styles – to create a new kind of learning environment altogether.

    In smaller student groups, teachers in the classroom know where each student is in their understanding of the content. They build and leverage strong relationships to ensure students meet higher academic expectations. Teams also have the capacity and learn the skills to consistently collect and reflect on data to adjust instruction and target individual student needs. The combination of strong human connections and effective team teaching practice has the power to unlock the full potential of ALL students.


    Blue Engine re-architects classrooms to better meet the needs of students, teaching apprentices, and mentor teachers alike. Working closely alongside mentor teachers, Blue Engine’s teachers-in-training (BETAs) gain one to two years of foundational classroom experience, instructional support, and professional development prior to becoming certified educators leading classrooms of their own.

    Leading teams involves a number of responsibilities that are linked to concrete improvements in teacher practice. Mentor teachers must initiate small group learning, use weekly data-to-action cycles, and create differentiated student plans and assessments to be administered by multiple adults in the classroom, all while making their practice public daily. Mentor teachers also receive targeted Blue Engine coaching to execute a model that makes true differentiation, rigorous pedagogical practice, and strong teacher-student relationships possible.

    Blue Engine’s theory is that small-group instruction, enabled by a team of teachers, can simultaneously drive dramatic gains in student academic achievement and support educators for long-term success in the classroom.