Blue Engine partners with schools to create inclusive, rigorous classrooms where multiple teachers build relationships and differentiate instruction to ensure students reach their academic potential. In Blue Engine classrooms, students experience dramatic gains in academic achievement and a positive learning environment. Below is a summary of impact across our programs.


Students in Blue Engine Math classrooms experience dramatic academic gains.

Based on external evaluation, students in co-taught classrooms supported by Blue Engine’s high-dosage coaching in 2019 demonstrated an increase of 7 percentile points on the New York State Algebra Regents Exam.

Students who experienced team teaching through our original AmeriCorps program consistently demonstrated more growth in algebra than expected. In those Blue Engine Math classrooms, students made gains equivalent to up to 7 additional months of learning* and achieved higher scores on the New York State Algebra Regents Exam.

Blue Engine has an even deeper impact for high-needs students.

Blue Engine students with IEPs regularly demonstrate higher college-readiness rates on the Algebra Regents than their peers from the Bronx.


With student academic outcomes driving our model, Blue Engine works to ensure students have a positive classroom experience. We measure student experience quarterly through student surveys and have seen positive results.


100% of our Co-Teachers agree that Blue Engine has helped them…

…Make changes to their instructional practice.

…Set higher expectations for their students.

…Use daily data to create flexible student groups.

*A note about our impact measurement methodology

Blue Engine’s rigorous evaluation methodology measures overall student academic growth in terms of “additional months of learning.” This means we evaluate student performance in Blue Engine classrooms compared to average district performance, and then convert these gains into additional days of learning. Each year, Blue Engine aims help each and every student make significant progress in a given year.