Co-Teaching Program

Our Co-Teaching Program supports existing teams of licensed educators to implement team teaching collaboration structures, maximizing their time together in the service of improving student achievement. We help teams plan for differentiation, respond to data, and continuously improve their team effectiveness.

How do we do it?

See a detailed overview of our Co-Teaching Program here!

Last year, students in our Co-Teachers’ classrooms averaged a 15% increase in their Regents percentile rank, while students in similar schools without Blue Engine’s support averaged a 12% decrease. In other words, Blue Engine Co-Teaching had an impact equivalent to a 27% increase in the average student’s percentile rank, a total of 7.25 percentile points.

100% of our Co-Teachers agree that Blue Engine has helped them…

…Make changes to their instructional practice.

…Increase expectations for their students.

…Use daily data to create flexible student groups.