Isaiah’s Story


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BETA Landing Page imageAs I’ve grown into the person I am today, I have learned a couple of things about myself: I have a great affinity for being around people and helping those around me brings me immense joy – from family and close friends to colleagues and, now as a Blue Engine Teaching Apprentice, my students. My decision to join Blue Engine as an AmeriCorps service member brings these passions to life.

BETA Landing Page imageDespite certain circumstances, I was very fortunate to pursue extraordinary educational opportunities. I attended a specialized middle school and then a prestigious prep boarding high school before heading to Syracuse University.

I love to learn. And as I reflect on my own educational experiences, I am very grateful for the education I was able to receive. Growing up, my mother always reminded me the importance of giving back to the community as I continue to become successful. This year, I feel energized to give back and am hopeful in helping to provide a great education, as well as mentorship, for my students. Everyone deserves an amazing education. Everyone.



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