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Regina Lee

Hometown: Longbeach, CA

Education: Psychology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Described as an introverted extrovert, Regina discovered that she had an affinity for helping others in the classroom at a young age. Then, during her high school summers, she volunteered to engage in small group and one-on-one peer tutoring so students could receive credit for mandatory classes. In college, she enjoyed sharing information with general public about reptiles, amphibians, and insects, dispelling any myths about the less cuddly creatures that exist. She was also able to recycle her hours of SAT prep by tutoring small groups of high-school-aged Burmese immigrant students. After graduating college, Regina juggled a few part-time jobs for a year while taking a break from further schooling and a formal job. She wanted to figure out what she fully wanted to commit to. She’s super excited to be part of the Blue Engine program and utilize her teaching abilities in a formal classroom.