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Maddy Drolen

Hometown: Altadena, CA

Education: B.A. Anthropology, Washington University in St. Louis

Raised in Los Angeles, Maddy is a recent graduate of Washington University in St. Louis. After working with the nonprofit Mission St: Louis as their Math Summer Associate, Maddy’s initial interest in studying the sciences shifted to incorporate a more human-based approach to learning about the world. While at Mission St. Louis, she grew frustrated with the obvious opportunity gap that the students she was teaching experienced. Fueled by a passion to address this disparity and an energy she found in teaching, Maddy decided to study anthropology and education as a way to equip her both as a future teacher and as an advocate for the students she taught. Since her time at Mission St. Louis, Maddy has worked with first-generation college students coming to her university, has interned with D.C. Public Schools, and has served as a peer counselor for her fellow students at WashU. This counseling work has inspired her to advocate for robust mental health programs not just in universities but at all levels of schooling. Maddy is excited to learn and grow with Blue Engine and to act as a resource for her students.