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Kasandra Aquino

Hometown: Queens, NY

Education: Psychology and a Minor in Education, St. Lawrence University

Kasandra, raised in Queens, New York, is a recent graduate from St. Lawrence University, where she studied psychology and education. During her summers, she worked as a Group Leader at various summer camps where she discovered a passion for youth development. Throughout her years at St. Lawrence, she served as a Community Assistant where she created an encouraging, supportive and community-like environment for her residents. In addition, she promoted academic achievement and referred students to a variety of effective resources on campus. Senior year, she interned at Rose Hill Adolescent Treatment Center in Massena, NY, where she shadowed the clinical counselor and conducted various group lessons based on sexual health and Post-Acute Withdrawal Symptoms (PAWS). After graduating from college, she became a Tutoring Fellow for SAGA Innovations, a non-profit organization that provides rigorous math instruction in small-group settings. In addition to academic instruction, Kasandra mentored students on behavior, skills, attitudes and other factors that are crucial to academic achievement. As she continues working with youth, specifically students from underserved communities, she finds it important for students to see people of color in positions of authority. This builds on their confidence and ability to see themselves in similar positions. With the support and engagement with Blue Engine, Kasandra will continue her journey in education and youth development.