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Jenny Jung

Hometown: Queens, NY

Education: Mechanical Engineering, The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art

Jenny was born and raised in New York City. Ever since she was young, she always thought robots were cool which led her to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering. During her four years at Cooper Union, she explored the many disciplines of engineering including aerodynamics and biomechanics, albeit struggling with the rigor of the core curriculum. Instead of researching or interning in these fields, she spent a summer researching engineering education and dedicated her remaining semesters to STEM outreach. Studying engineering had unexpectedly augmented her passion for education. Aside from her studies, she used to play volleyball competitively. She loves drawing as a hobby and is starting to get into digital painting. She intends to specialize in education while continuing to polish her skills in the arts. Although an introvert, she may be found on thrill seeking adventures with friends or playing board games. She also loves traveling and experiencing other cultures. Before Blue Engine, she worked as a manufacturing engineer for a metal fabrication company. She hopes to use her engineering background to help challenge her students above and beyond. Through Blue Engine, she hopes to learn how to empower young students to strive for knowledge. She dreams to build her own school one day.