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Darlene Valenzuela

Hometown: New York, NY

Education: Psychology, University of Tampa

Darlene grew up in a Dominican household where she learned the importance of unity and family. She has always found a love for mentoring and caring for people, as she is the eldest of four siblings. Besides her passion for helping others, she loves the arts, especially painting, reading and writing, which have been encouraged by the works of her mother and aunt. Throughout her high school and college years, Darlene has volunteered at a community bookstore, a girls youth program and worked for a karate afterschool program in Washington Heights. In college, she joined the Omega Alpha Pi International Sorority Inc., whose motto is to spread love, and equality for all life. Darlene is excited to be a BETA because she feels that she can positively impact the lives of her peers and students of color who grow up in inner city neighborhoods just like hers. She believes in empowerment through shared experience. She wants to inspire and uplift students, and is passionate about helping them find their voice. In this program she hopes to acquire mentoring and teaching skills that for sure will be helpful in her career in counseling.