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Bhaavya Sinha

Hometown: Bronx, NY

Education: Political Science and Psychology, University of California Berkeley

Bhaavya was born in Uttar Pradesh and immigrated to the United States soon after. Having lived in a range of places, from the Bronx to the suburbs of Atlanta, Bhaavya has seen and been inspired by various communities working to foster equity and mobility for future generations. With this passion for an egalitarian and just future, she has participated in several like-minded global efforts: working on a campaign for Saudi women’s rights at the Human Rights Watch; teaching at a school for Tibetan refugees in northern India; co-founding and teaching a class on Indian politics and current events for Berkeley students, and heading the Berkeley chapter of Asha for Education, a non-profit designed to support charities promoting the education of disadvantaged communities in India. This has been supplemented by her coursework in American and comparative politics, as well as in the social and cultural psychology surrounding stigma and prejudice. This last year, Bhaavya finished her third and final year at UC Berkeley while serving in several research assistant positions, including one where she helped on a project studying differential discipline by teachers towards students of different races. In her upcoming year as a BETA, Bhaavya hopes to apply some of her research on prejudice interventions and fostering multicultural learning environments while learning from lead teachers and giving back to her own community in the Bronx.