Mission, Vision, & Core Values


Blue Engine partners with schools to create classrooms where every child receives individual support to reach their potential, yielding dramatic gains in academic achievement for students affected by educational inequity.

Blue Engine empowers schools to create or support multi-adult classrooms to accelerate learning for all students affected by educational inequity. Blue Engine’s mission is grounded in the belief that the traditional structure of middle and high school classrooms actively contributes to an epidemic of lost talent in American higher education.


Blue Engine’s vision is that by 2040, the public education system will have integrated mindsets, practices, and structures such that multi-adult classrooms are serving the needs of all students, creating a more just and inclusive education system.

Foundational Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity: Our Bedrock Value

The prevalence of historic and current systems of oppression in our society fundamentally impacts the lives of the students we serve. These systems foster entrenched privilege for some while ensuring the systemic oppression and denial of equal opportunity for others. Only by assembling diverse, inclusive, and actively anti-racist teams will Blue Engine build alliances that disrupt and dismantle these systems at their root.

Neutrality in this fight is a myth; there are only two paths forward. Either we actively work to dismantle these systems on behalf of young people, or we remain complicit in maintaining the status quo. Our path is the first. This requires us to seek and embrace discomfort, learn from perspectives different from our own, and interrogate our own assumptions and beliefs through dialogue that builds towards a hopeful, empowered future for every student in every classroom in America.


We believe:

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In the infinite potential of all humans

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In an educational system that works to liberate that potential

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Teams enable outcomes that individuals alone cannot achieve

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Good intentions cannot be confused with measurable results

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Strong human connections and relationships are our lifeblood

When we say these are our values, we mean it.

To find out more about what living out these values can look like in practice, read through Promise 54’s recent case study highlighting our organization’s work to embody our values!