Board of Engineers

The Board of Engineers is a group of diverse professionals committed to Blue Engine’s approach in reimagining the classroom experience for all students. BoE members come to us from a wide range of backgrounds and industries, and unite for a common goal: to build a truly inspired collective of Blue Engine supporters.

The Board of Engineers hosts fundraising and networking activities for its members and member networks each year. Additionally, members have the opportunity to provide strategic support and offer their expertise to Blue Engine staff and students in various ways.

If you are interested in joining the Board of Engineers, please click here to schedule an introductory call.

To fundraise for Blue Engine, please click here.

We are honored to have the steadfast support of these incredible humans:

Alexander Ade
Ryan Barnes
Xiaolei Cong
Kathleen Cordrey
Daniel Kanamori
Rakesh Kumar
Michael Lei

Alex Papageorgis
Dakota Sagnelli
Amber Stacks
Ryan Stanley
Michelle Tseng
Benjamin Yahalomi

Board of Engineers Emeritus Members:

Xavier Afriyie
Khalida Ali
Nick Allen
Teresa Baik
Wendy Blue
Aaiza Bokhari
Yassine Boukadoum
Robert Buesing
Ted Calaman
Chris Carolin
Joseph Castiner
Dan Chait
Christopher Chowaniec
Dave Clarke
Matthew Cox
Brian Dever

Lauralynn Drury
Jared Eisenberg
Edward Ernst
Jeff Farber
Jason Finder
Julie Greenberg Reyes
Alex Greer
Jules Hough
Megan Inayoshi
Lauren Kahn
Avi Karnani
Navdeep Khera
Katie King
Catherine Koh Stillman
Ramsay Kubal
Joshua Kuzon

Stefanie Lob
Lauren Logan
Kimberly Marsh
Jeffrey Miller
Puja Mohindra
Kellie Morrissey
James Nouss
Patrick O’Neil
Kayode Owens
Joshua Packwood
Ray Peng
Nikhita Raman
Vignesh Ravi
Hunter Rice
Allison Rubin
Adama Sall

Hugo Santillan
Brendan Schrader
Laurel Schwartz
Naveen Shahani
Janie Smith
Madsen South
Shalini Sriram
Sean Sullivan
Matthew Sullivan
Ryan Taylor
Michael Thorsen
Shara Ticku
Ambrose Wooden, Jr
Daniel Zeitler

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