What do BETAs do?


Blue Engine partners with schools to unlock human potential. We bring together teams of teachers working in historically oppressed communities to reimagine the classroom experience for all students, resulting in dramatic gains in academic achievement and diverse groups of apprentice teachers prepared for success in the classroom.

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In Action

As a Blue Engine Teaching Apprentice (BETA), you will work in a team with three BETAs and one lead teacher in English/Language Arts (ELA) or Algebra, in a year of shared AmeriCorps service in 8th, 9th and 10th grade classrooms.

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What makes a BETA role unique?

Small Groups
Small Groups

Our unique instructional program is rooted in the power of individual relationships made possible by reduced student-to-teacher ratios. BETAs work with students in small groups within the classroom, creating safe spaces for students to more fully engage with rigorous content.


Teams power our work at every level. BETAs work alongside three other BETAs and an experienced lead teacher to increase academic rigor and accelerate achievement. The collaboration among these diverse teams leads to greater outcomes for students, and furthers the development of BETAs as apprentice teachers.

Single Year Commitment
1-2 Year Commitment

BETAs commit to a one-year term of AmeriCorps service. At the end of the year, BETAs may choose to participate for a second year with increased responsibilities and an increased stipend. In this second year, BETAs have the option to enroll in our partner teacher residency program to become fully certified teachers the following year.

Why do people choose to become BETAs?


Some people join Blue Engine to serve for a single year before entering graduate studies or starting their career in aligned social profit work.

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Some people join Blue Engine to explore whether a career in urban education might be right for them.

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Some people join Blue Engine as graduates of NYC Schools and connect with students just like them.

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Some people join Blue Engine to prepare for a career in teaching, leveraging our teacher residency program.

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What are the benefits to being a BETA?

Teacher Pipeline

Blue Engine’s Teaching Apprenticeship provides individuals interested in the teaching profession with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience working directly with students and a mentorship under their team’s lead teacher, all to be successfully prepared to enter the classroom. BETAs who commit a second year of service as a Team Coordinator (TC) have the option to enroll into Blue Engine’s teacher residency in partnership with Relay Graduate School of Education.

Professional Development

As a BETA, you’ll build skills that are transferrable as well as unique to the world of education, including long-term planning, data-driven decision making, conflict resolution, stakeholder engagement and teamwork. You’ll also increase your awareness of the education landscape and build critical consciousness around issues affecting students and families.

AmeriCorps Education Award

As AmeriCorps members, BETAs qualify for The Eli Segal AmeriCorps Education Award of $5,815 upon successful completion of their year of service, which can be used towards existing loans or the cost of future higher education after the year has been successfully completed.

Financial Benefits

In partnership with AmeriCorps, BETAs receive a living stipend of $14,400 and unlimited public transit (worth $116.50 each month). Many BETAs also successfully apply for SNAP benefits (up to $200 each month). BETAs who choose to stay on for a second year as a TC receive an AmeriCorps living stipend of $23,000.

Medical Benefits

BETAs have the option to enroll in basic health insurance through the Corps Network provided by Cigna.

Housing Resources

BETAs often decide to live together to make the year more affordable. Prior to the start of the service year, Blue Engine facilitates communications between incoming BETAs to connect with each other and pursue housing options in groups. BETAs will be notified of school placements prior to the start of service to allow enough time for informed housing decisions. Blue Engine will provide resources and materials for BETAs to have on hand while looking for housing.


How do I become a BETA?

To take the first step in becoming a BETA, access our online portal below to start your application and learn more about the interview process. Our 2018 - 19 cohort is close to being filled so we will review applications and interview qualified candidates as needed moving forward. If you would like to be notified of when we open up our 2019-20 BETA Cohort application, please complete this short survey.

Questions about our application process? Email recruitment@blueengine.org.