Letter from our Founder

Open Letter from our Founder

Let’s face it.

Next year looms large. There are opportunities out there, but you’re not 100% sure about your next step. You know you want to work hard. You want to be challenged. You want to work directly with high schoolers. You want to work with a talented team of peers towards a common goal while gaining ground-level experience in the education field. Most of all, you want to make a difference.

So what’s the problem?

In schools and communities across the nation, we do an excellent job of selling students on the dream of college without adequately preparing them to succeed once they get there. This problem is compounded in low-income communities, where only 15 of every 100 students entering college each year complete bachelor’s degrees.

How do we solve it?

Success in college is shaped by many factors, but research has consistently shown that academic rigor during high school is the strongest predictor of whether students sink or swim during that first year of college. The challenge, then, must be finding ways to help students master more advanced academic skills before arriving on campus in the first place.

That’s where you come in.

Introducing Blue Engine, an urban education fellowship year in New York City designed for talented recent college graduates to connect with small numbers of students in a different way—not as teachers, but as full-time teaching assistants. During one year terms of service, Blue Engine Teaching Assistants (BETAs) lead small group instruction (4-5 students per period) alongside experienced classroom teachers, working in teams from 7:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. to help entire grade levels make dramatic, measurable gains in Math and English / Language Arts.

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Right now, throughout the country, we are looking for a small number of top-notch candidates to help build Blue Engine from the ground up. The admissions process will be competitive, with our next class of BETAs set to begin service in New York City in August of 2013.

We hope one of those BETAs will be you.


Nick Ehrmann
CEO & Founder
Blue Engine