Jazmin Abreu

Jazmin ACoordinator, Finance and Compliance

Hometown: Bronx, NY

Education: University at Albany English Major, Sociology Minor

Jazmin was born in the Dominican Republic and her parents migrated to the states shortly after and raised her in the “Boogie-down Bronx.” Jazmin attended a small public high school in her neighborhood called Bronx Leadership Academy 1; it was there that she began to meet teachers who believed in her and focused on pushing her to achieve higher goals. During this time, she was accepted into the Scholars for Educational Opportunities Program (SEO), a four- to eight-year academic program that helps low-income public high school students get into and through college. She made close connections with mentors who helped introduce her to the importance of higher education and gain the skills, knowledge and motivation to achieve her goal of college admission and graduation in four years. Jazmin is the first in her immediate family to attend and graduate from a university. At SUNY Albany, she joined a student organization called Albany State University Black Alliance (A.S.U.B.A), where she was elected as Vice President and became highly involved with education, community service, event programming and more. She also had the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica for a service trip dedicated to working with foster children to teach English. Last year, Jazmin served as an ELA BETA in the Bronx. She was challenged as a teacher in many ways. Throughout the year, she realized that she did not see herself in front of the classroom, but wanted to continue to work in education. She is now thrilled to continue working with Blue Engine as Finance and Compliance Coordinator. Jazmin is enthusiastic to learn the role of business in the national movement towards fair education.

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