Student Perspective

Student Perspective

The young people at our schools are why we exist.

Students and BETAs form empowering relationships. These connections are the foundation of Blue Engine’s model. Through a series of surveys and interviews, we heard what they had to say about Blue Engine:

[pullquote style=”right” quote=”dark”]We reached a place where we hadn’t pictured ourselves before.[/pullquote]

“These BETAs are devoted to what they do. They are doing this because they actually want to help. They are volunteering their time. And honestly, their hard work has paid off. Many of us 8th graders are taking the Regents this year, and it’s because of them. We reached a place where we hadn’t pictured ourselves before. The BETAs are here to teach us math, but they also help with any other problem we have. I know it’s hard for them to teach us in small groups and deal with different problems from different students but as you are able to see, they can all get through it. Speaking for myself, I am glad for all the BETAs. I’m sure everyone appreciates you all as much as I do. You were such a big help and a big part of our school year. Thanks, once again.” – Yesina

“Blue Engine is the most helpful way of teaching I’ve ever seen. Usually, you see a teacher with a room full of kids. That one teacher can’t get to everyone at once, and some kids don’t get the individual attention they need and want. With Blue Engine, the kids have that main teacher that gives them the focus lesson, but they also have their individual groups where they get all their questions answered. In smaller groups, BETAs can help the kids stay on task and not get distracted by talking to other kids. They are more comfortable and can connect with students. Kids need to feel that. Otherwise, they’ll be uncomfortable and it’s not going to work.” – Genesi