How It Works

Blue Engine’s innovative team teaching model works in partnership with public high schools serving low-income communities to give teachers access to trained Blue Engine Teaching Apprentices (BETAs) for an entire school year in 7th-10th grade Math and English/Language Arts classrooms. Teams of three BETAs and one lead teacher work closely together to provide a more engaging and rigorous classroom experience that empowers all students to be seen and heard. Teaching teams are trained and supported to execute various instructional models in a single classroom, addressing variations in student achievement, academic needs and learning styles through daily small group work and individualized teaching approaches to create a new kind of learning environment altogether.

At the same time, Blue Engine’s Teaching Apprenticeship allows for individuals interested in entering the teaching profession to gain hands-on experience working directly with students and a mentorship under the lead teacher for one or two years (as a BETA and AmeriCorps member), with the opportunity to earn their teaching credential in their second year through the Relay Graduate School of Education. Learn more about the BETA role.

The Blue Engine Model

Produced by Kornhaber | Brown, this mini-documentary provides an explanation of Blue Engine’s model and approach.

One BETA’s story

Produced by Kornhaber | Brown, this mini-documentary tells the powerful story of the relationships between a BETA and her students.