Training and Support


trainingThe Blue Engine fellowship begins with an intensive, four-week training institute in New York City that helps BETAs develop the skills needed to become effective teaching assistants in urban high school settings. Training focuses on core principles of instructional leadership including: goal setting, baseline measurements, behavior management, benchmarking, differentiated instruction, problem solving, and tracking towards mastery. Structured opportunities will be provided for BETAs to observe effective instruction in action and gain firsthand practice instructing students on their own. BETAs will also learn about the New York City school system, their partner school community, and the practical dimensions of the BETA year, including transportation, budget, and benefits.


At each partner school, Blue Engine places a full-time, professional Site Manager with classroom experience whose sole purpose is to ensure that BETAs have the instructional supports they need to become highly effective instructional leaders.  Site Managers are former teachers and BETAs themselves with strong records of performance in schools serving low-income communities. Their role is to:

Additionally, each classroom team is led by a certified teacher and supported by a Team Coordinator, a BETA in his/her second year of service. With years of experience under their belts, teachers and Team Coordinators provide mentorship and guidance to new both BETAs inside and outside of the classroom.


From panel discussions with extraordinary leaders and to weekly check-ins with supervisors, Blue Engine provides BETAs with strong professional support throughout their entire year of service, giving BETAs the chance to: