WHEELS Seniors Mail College Apps

schoolsBy Kevin O’Neil, WHEELS BETA


On Wednesday, December 14th, hundreds of WHEELS students saw their brothers and sisters, cousins, teammates, and friends take a huge next step towards their goal: college completion. The seniors traversed the tunnel of WHEELS students, college applications in hand, towards the post office where the men and women of the USPS would take them the rest of the way. While seniors moved in a line to shake Chancellor Walcott’s hand, younger students were moved to raucous whooping and applause, and teachers were moved to tears.

I currently teach 10th graders at WHEELS, and almost every day I interject the idea of college into my conversations with students.

…When you get to college, your professors will not give you so many chances.

Where do you want to go to college?…

…That answer would not fly in a college classroom.

These interjections gained a new meaning for the students after what they experienced Wednesday. In a period of less than an hour, our students were provided with a tangible and relatable example of what it looks like to move towards college completion. The joy the students felt for the seniors will not soon be forgotten. It will serve as a constant reminder of what the younger students will be doing in the near future.

The WHEELS seniors also got shout outs from the New York Times and Gotham Schools

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