Zeyna Tabbaa

 Ann Arbor, MI

Education: History, Brown University

Placement: Bronx River High School

Zeyna grew up in Ann Arbor, MI, but moved to Amman, Jordan at the age 13, where she lived through high school. She graduated from Brown University in 2016 with a degree in History. During her time at Brown, Zeyna was lucky enough to take a number of classes with community outreach components. These classes allowed her to turn what she was learning in the classroom into action in the Providence community. It is through these classes that Zeyna discovered her interest in education, as she led a weekly poetry class at a middle school for girls from low-income backgrounds. Beyond education, Zeyna is also interested in the broader world of nonprofit organizations and development. She has worked and interned at nonprofits in Jordan, Providence and Detroit with missions ranging from access to affordable fresh produce to advocacy for affordable housing and connecting homeless populations to resources in their communities. This year, Zeyna hopes that being a part of the Blue Engine team will allow her to learn more about life in the field of education, and allow her to see where she fits within this field. Zeyna is passionate about the collaborative and individualized approach to education of Blue Engine, and is excited to work with her team and her students to bring to life the organization’s goals.

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