Victoria Silva

 Long Island, NY

Education: Arts Management; Minor in Mathematics/Computer Science, Purchase College, SUNY

Placement: The Laboratory School of Finance and Technology

Victoria grew up on Long Island, NY, and New York City–“the City”–was always within reach. Victoria grew up enchanted by the city and the people who make it special, one day hoping she’d stay for more than just a daytrip. Fun fact: Victoria is ambidextrous. She’ll either use her right or left hand depending on the task. She thinks that both her love of the arts and mathematics reflect this fact, making her both right AND left brained! With that, Victoria went on to pursue both her passions at SUNY Purchase, where she studied Arts Management and Mathematics/Computer Science. She loves to draw, enjoy nature and make connections with people. She lives by the mantra, “be kind to one another.” Victoria is excited to join Blue Engine to meet wonderful students with remarkable talents and abilities!

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