Victoria Pierre-Jean

 Brooklyn, NY

Education: BA Forensic Psychology, John Jay of Criminal Justice at CUNY

Placement: Washington Heights Expeditionary Learning School

Victoria was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. She has always had a passion for serving her community and sought to improve health and wellness through communication and advocacy. She majored in Forensic Psychology and minored in Humanities and Justice at John Jay. Her interest in neighborhood disparities began when she was an undergraduate through Housing and Community Problem Solving courses. From there, Victoria learned the disparities from those affected by health care access and poor nutrition often related to limited access to fresh food and inadequate education. As an advocate for justice, Victoria identified that children and education were often affected and under-addressed by the overlap between housing, health and justice policies. Growing up and attending high school in Brooklyn allowed Victoria to have a student perspective of the education system and is she’s eager to formulate a perspective from one of an educator. With the rapidly changing policies that have affected New York’s City’s education system, Blue Engine is providing Victoria the opportunity to help students who need it the most.

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