Thomas Zoeckler

 Atlanta, GA

Education: Political Science, Georgia College

Placement: College Academy

Thomas grew up in Atlanta, GA, in a neighborhood by the name of Decatur. He attended a small elementary school with dedicated teachers who planted within him an undeniable passion for learning. This carried through middle and high school, particularly when he took a politics class and discovered that world governments were clever and brilliant structures that have evolved from thousands of years of history. He attended college with the intent to become a veterinarian and a concrete path laid out before him. However, his passion for the world of politics and learning weren’t congruent with that decision, and in pursuit of trying to understand the world around him, he finally decided on Political Science as a major. Through mentors and great professors, he realized teaching and helping others to understand necessary aspects of the world is both an important job and a crucial way to learn. He found that the sort of teachers who inspired him to want to know more, the kind who listened to his endless supply of questions, were his role models. He wanted to be able to give other people that same spark. As a result, Tom is now graduated and finds education to be a part of his life too integral to separate from. So to help and hopefully share the kind of passion he found in statistics, history, politics and so many other subjects, he came to New York and to Blue Engine.

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