Tamara Dotson

 Brooklyn, NY

Education: BA Sociology, CUNY York College

Placement: Fordham Leadership Academy for Business & Technology

Tamara grew up in Brooklyn, NY, and has always loved school and extra-curricular activities. She has developed a passion for education and young people, while realizing the challenges they face in big life decisions. After high school, Tamara attended CUNY York College and received a degree in Sociology with a minor in Youth Studies. Her college experience was memorable. She always put education first, even after the passing of her mother, which motivated her even more to complete her degree. She also had the opportunity to be a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success and a scholar of the Shawn Carter Foundation, providing her a scholarship reward and an educational opportunity to visit London. The numerous courses in youth development, sociology and education Tamara was enrolled in allowed her to mentor college students and work with nonprofit organizations helping high school students, which drew her to Blue Engine. She plans to pursue her Master’s degree in School Counseling and begin a full-time career as a mentor, academic advisor or guidance counselor in order to inspire young students and improve their academic performance, attitudes toward school, class attendance, self-esteem, development of character and values, health and wellness, and college and career preparation.

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