Suzanne Abreu

Hometown: New York, NYSuzanne Abreu

Education: Smith College – Major: Chemistry

Suzanne was born and raised in Washington Heights, NY, a low-income community located in Northern Manhattan. To maximize her community involvement in high school, Suzanne volunteered with New York Cares, a non-profit organization that aims to fight against social issues in NYC. Interested in providing academic services to under-resourced communities while in college, she taught GED students about human biology through the CMI Outreach program and tutored students in the foster-care system through the Treehouse foundation. Her passion for educating youth stemmed from her previous experiences with the public education system. She continuously seeks ways to be an inclusive member of society by being hyperaware of the circumstances of other individuals, gaining knowledge about subjects she is not familiar with, and providing services where she can. Suzanne is on the pre-health track, with the goal of becoming a dentist. While participating in a Global Medical Brigades trip in college, she provided assistive health services to members in the underserved communities of Nicaragua. As a dentist, she aims to provide healthcare services to those who cannot afford it as well as those in other parts of the world who do not have access to such healthcare. As a science and math aficionado, Suzanne cannot wait to share her enthusiasm for the STEM fields with students and help them become excited about learning!

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