Natalie Johnson

Hometown: Dallas, TXNatalie Johnson

Education: Washington University in St. Louis – Majors: Anthropology, Education

Natalie is proud to call Dallas, Texas, her home. She first became interested in education while working at a community center in West Dallas that services a predominantly-immigrant community. Over the course of three summers working there, she was struck by the intelligence, creativity and resilience of the families she worked with; at the same time, she grew frustrated by the clear opportunity gap that perpetuated and the reluctance of the larger community to center these children’s voices and experiences. This inspired her to pursue courses around education, culture and race in college, and she ultimately majored in Educational Studies and Anthropology. Natalie has appreciated the combination of those two areas because they have pushed her to consider how we (including her own self) can better listen and leverage students’ voices to create change, as well as ensure that classrooms and curriculum are spaces for all identities. Natalie is so excited to learn and grow as a BETA, alongside her fellow team members and students.

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