Natalie Asalgado

 Miami, FL

Education: Public Health, Brown University

Placement: Fordham Leadership Academy for Business & Technology

Born and raised in Miami, FL, by her Peruvian mother and Chilean father, Natalie was encouraged to be among the first in her family to attend college. At Brown University, her studies in Public Health complemented her aspirations to become a primary care physician. She also worked as a teaching assistant for the introductory Public Health course at Brown. On campus, Natalie collaborated with fellow members of Partners in Health Engage to organize advocacy and fundraising events that increased awareness about the health disparities in Malawiand Peru. She also volunteered at the Hasbro Children’s Hospital in Providence to connect underserved families with essential community resources and public benefits. Natalie interned with the Director of Social Programs at Progreso Latino, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering the Latino and immigrant communities in Rhode Island. During her last year at Brown, she became further involved with the Matched Advising Program for Sophomores and the Mentorship Program for First Generation College Students. In these capacities, Natalie enjoyed working with her peers to facilitate the transition to college and to ease worries about future endeavors. As a BETA, she is excited to continue with her interests in mentorship, advising and college access and success. In the future, Natalie plans on using her Spanish­ speaking abilities to help patients who may face linguistic and cultural barriers while accessing health care services.

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