Molly Henderson

 Columbia, MD

Education: American Studies and Urban Studies, World Literature, Northwestern University

Placement: Fordham Leadership Academy

Molly grew up in Columbia, MD, and spent the past four years studying American Studies and Urban Studies at Northwestern University. After living adjacent to, but not quite within, such cities as Baltimore, Washington, D.C., and Chicago, she learned that education reform is constantly in progress, yet generally left unfinished or unequally distributed. She is deeply aware of education as a privilege and is eager to make the opportunities she experienced accessible to all students. Throughout college, she served as an educator for Peer Health Exchange, a nonprofit that trains college students to teach a comprehensive health curriculum in urban public high schools through a peer-to-peer model. Her experience teaching ninth graders about alcohol, drugs and sexual health reminded her not only of the vibrancy, curiosity and humor of this age group, but also fueled her desire to work more closely and consistently with high school students. In addition to Peer Health Exchange, Molly has worked in the children’s department at the Evanston Public Library, coordinated family educational programming for the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, and curated educational materials for the Baltimore Museum of Industry. Most recently, she led a group of incredibly insightful tenth and eleventh grade girls through two weeks of literary discussions, lectures and creative exploration with the Great Books Summer Program. Molly is grateful for the opportunity to serve as a BETA throughout the following school year and is excited to develop challenging and fulfilling relationships with her students while, mostly likely, being mistaken for one of them.

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