Megumi Asada

Megumi AsadaMegumi (they/them) was born in Manhattan, NYC and grew up in southwest Connecticut. They’ve had a love/hate relationship with mathematics since elementary school when they struggled with very strict, formulaic teaching styles and never really thought they were cut out to be a mathematician. At college, Megumi fell in love with math courses that revealed types of math that were temperamental, finicky at times, and somewhat destabilizing. However they also struggled with math classroom environments that were hostile towards and biased against women and students of color. As part of an Association for Women in Mathematics chapter at their school, they worked on improving classroom climate and making faculty aware of issues of bias and discrimination. They’ve worked with and interviewed students who’ve also made clear the difficulties imposed particularly on black and Latinx students. Megumi enjoys doing math most when it allows them to communicate with other people and push everyone’s creative limits. However, they also see the traditional math classroom as insufficient in its ability to allow all students to flourish. Megumi hopes to go to math graduate school and eventually become a math educator and mentor who actively fights existing structural inequalities. They are excited to be part of Blue Engine’s non-traditional teaching model and to explore what it means to nurture an equitable classroom environment.

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