Louis Colon

 Central Islap, Long Island

Education: Sociology, Minor in Anthropology, State University of New York at Geneseo

Placement: Bronx River High School

Louis was born in Puerto Rico and moved to Central Islip, Long Island when he was five. He saw the value in education through multiple extracurricular actives, such as his school’s music and sports programs, including marching/concert band, football, wrestling and track. The tremendous impact of his coaches and teachers allowed Louis to excel in high school and ultimately attend The State University of New York at Geneseo. Louis majored in anthropology and minored in sociology, while playing on the Geneseo Men’s Warthog Rugby team. Along with a passion for athletics, Louis’ commitment to service also flourished as an executive board member for his fraternity MAC, which was established in 1997 as a service and multicultural organization. His interest in social science and service were cultivated from his experiences while in Central Islip, as well as Geneseo, and he committed himself to understanding the socio-economic context of policy, education and theory in our nation. After the summer of his freshman year, Louis found his interest in education while working as a camp counselor. Realizing the fulfillment and joy from his experience, Louis focused his energy in the field of education, specifically the South Bronx, where he worked for City Year New York as a tutor for middle school students. Louis continues on the path he paved years ago in his childhood by continuing to be part of the Village Lions NYC Rugby Club, as well as commitment to service supporting students in the South Bronx. He currently works part-time as a tutor for a young adult with autism, teaching life and socialization skills, and hopes to use his experiences to propel himself into graduate level study in the field of education and policy.

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