Leticia Collado

Hometown: New York, NYLeticia Collado

Education: Cornell University – Major: Interdisciplinary Studies; Minor: Education

Leticia is a recent graduate of Cornell University, where she studied Science Education with a focus on Chemistry, under the Interdisciplinary Studies major. She became interested in teaching STEM when she realized a trend between how low-income inner-city students were taught STEM as opposed to the way that STEM subjects are taught in private schools. Through Blue Engine, she ultimately wishes to gain more perspective about pedagogical practices that work best in low-income communities and communities of color. At Cornell, Leticia spent most of her time as a research assistant, where she learned new research skills that weren’t made available to her, but seemed like common knowledge to her peers. She ultimately wishes to implement lab skills into her everyday teaching style because of the importance and prevalence of research within all professional fields. Leticia was also involved in the National Chemistry Fraternity (Alpha Chi Sigma) and worked as a teaching assistant for the Intergroup Dialogue Project where she gained an interest in social justice. She ultimately wants to find new and innovative ways to teach STEM subjects using historical knowledge and social justice.

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