Lemoine Joseph

Williamsville, NY

Education: Mathematics, Minor in Chemistry, Washington University in St. Louis

Placement: Bronx Leadership Academy II

Lemoine is a semi-proud native of Buffalo, NY: home to the Buffalo wing, “Super Freak” Rick James and the saddest history in American sports following the 2016 NBA Finals (Thanks, LeBron). A recent graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, Lemoine entered college with the intention of becoming a physician and left completely undecided on what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. During his free time, he was deeply invested in student life by participating in campus theatre, student government, residential life and peer facilitation groups. Each of these experiences opened his eyes to the unique power that students’ voices have in shaping the world around them and to the amazing potential that institutions of learning have in establishing, shaping and magnifying these dynamic voices. However, his engagement outside of the proverbial “Wash U Bubble” and into the Greater St. Louis area simultaneously taught him that this power is very much a distinct privilege. Youths and adolescents in communities that have faced historical and contemporary forms of oppression seemingly have this privilege stripped away for reasons outside of their own control. Lemoine is hoping that his work with Blue Engine will enable him to provide resources, mentorship and support to youths stemming from all backgrounds in order for them to discover and effectively utilize the power of their own voice.

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