Lauren Beauzile

Hometown: White Plains, NYLauren Beauzile

Education: Drew University – Majors: English, Theatre; Minor: French

Lauren is the daughter of Haitian parents, who taught Laurean and her siblings from an early age the importance of education. Lauren attended Drew University, where she double majored in English and Theatre, while also focusing on her French minor. The French language and culture has always captivated her. While in school she had the opportunity to study abroad, where she stayed with a host family. She took classes at L’Alliance Française and ate all the crêpes she could find. Her second time in France happened to be after she graduated. She worked with American Village, an English immersion camp in France. There, she taught ESL to kids and also acted as a counselor. She guided them in activities to enhance their learning and help them grasp American culture. Lauren is a person who will openly share all the spoken word poetry that she has tucked away in her notes. She loves writing and is passionate about acting. She hopes to one day publish her own book of poetry, hoping that the messages behind the words will reach others and help them not feel alone in the world. Lauren is excited to work with Blue Engine and continue to inspire others. She loves helping others see the beauty in analyzing a text, showing how a simple phrase can mean so much more that meets the eye. She hopes to help others reach their full potential.

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