Kimberly Airall

Hometown: Bronx, NYKimberly Airall

Education: CUNY City College of New York – Major: Political Science; Bronx Community College – International Relations

Kimberly is a first generation American and the first generation to go to college, born and raised in NYC by her Antiguan single mother. Kimberly was encouraged from an early age to read and value education. The path to higher education was not easy for Kimberly as she had to go to weekend and after school classes in high school in order to graduate on time. However, she learned from that experience and applied it to college. Though she did struggle at first at college, she earned a BA in Political Science from City College of New York, and an AS in International Relations from Bronx Community College. Kimberly chose to study political science for one reason: She wanted to understand the government to be able to find ways to bring peace and lasting change for people who are suffering. After her studies she realized that the people most at risk and suffering from not pursuing higher education are high school youth. Kimberly believes that reading and writing are fundamental skills that all people should value. Kimberly looks forward to being a part of the Blue Engine for the 2017-2018 school year as an English Language Arts BETA by using all forms of media to engage students in reading and writing, along with showing them the power of being an empowered student, and citizen.

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