Griffin Fox

 Saint Paul, MN

Education: English, Minor in Writing, Providence College

Placement: Academy of Public Relations

Griffin grew up in Saint Paul, MN, with a four brothers and two sisters. He attended a small high school that provided an intimate, intellectual atmosphere. He came to the realization that fostering a relationship between students and teachers was one of the most important aspects of the educational experience. After high school, he headed out to the East Coast and attended Providence College where he read an excessive amount of books, wrote about these books, and did some of his own creative writing. At the end of four years, Providence College awarded him a degree in English and a minor in Writing; but more important than a degree, Griffin fell in love with a community and the teachers who engaged him in learning. Teachers have always been influential and inspiring people in his life, so he decided to become one. Griffin set sail and headed even further east, where he spent the next two years living, teaching English and traveling around Southeast Asia. Griffin learned a new language, a new religion, a new culture, and developed the idea that learning is the most important aspect of life. He fell in love with his students, but often fell victim to his students’ tricks (cooked scorpion does not taste like chicken). Griffin believes that if you love to learn, you can do anything, and he looks forward to spreading his love for learning with others. He also believes that the highest teaching effectiveness requires an understanding of the community. Griffin is ecstatic to work with Blue Engine, as it will provide him the opportunity to become an effective educator and share his love of learning in the vibrant city of New York.

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