Gerda Gonzalez

 New York, NY

Education: English Language Arts, CUNY Hunter College

Placement: College Academy

Gerda was born in Manhattan, NY, and raised in Queens. In high school, she met a teacher who changed her outlook on English studies, a subject she did not particularly enjoy, giving her a new perspective on learning altogether. It was then that she realized the impact of a teacher in a child’s life. From there, she went to college and decided to major in English, rooted in the inspiration from her English teacher. After graduating, she worked as an assistant language teacher in a low-income community in Hokkaido, Japan, for a year through the JET program, an experience that welded her interest in Japan and teaching. Following her time in Japan, Gerda made the decision to return to her hometown of New York to give back to that community. She is very excited to join Blue Engine and looks forward to the training and learning she will garner to be able to become a great teacher.

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