Gabriel Mitey

 Brooklyn, NY

Education: English, Minor in Writing, John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Placement: Brooklyn Leadership Academy II

Gabriel grew up in Brooklyn, NY, and attended John Jay College of Criminal Justice. While in college, he studied English with a focus on social questions raised by literature and intersections between race, sex, gender and class. As a student, he applied himself to his studies and sought to take part in student-led groups, such as the Women’s Empowerment Society, a community of students who encouraged collective discussion in an open forum about issues facing women and men. It was also in college where he took an interest in language and humanities, and gained understanding of the importance of education and literacy for students. Wanting to use his education in areas most needed and undervalued, Gabriel joined Blue Engine to bring more awareness to underappreciated and underserved schools within neighboring boroughs. Having grown up in NYC with an understanding of the problems faced by schools, Gabriel chose to focus on working to bridge disparities between affluent and low-income schools. Knowing Blue Engine’s aim to tackle the hurdles within and beyond the classroom, Gabriel knew he could apply his knowledge from college as a BETA and make a difference in the lives of students and their communities.

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