Freida Steiner

 Ann Arbor, MI

Education: Sociology, Minors in Education Studies and Race and Ethnicity, Barnard College

Placement: Bronx River High School

Freida hails from Ann Arbor, MI, where she spent the first eighteen years of her life until she moved to New York to attend Barnard College. She took multiple courses on race and its intersections and interactions with law, music and education, and decided to pursue a major in Sociology, which would allow her to continue to study these topics. With a minor in Education Studies, she was able to study a wide array of subjects and spend time in New York public middle and high schools as a classroom assistant. Outside of academic work or working in a small gift shop in the East Village, she could be found in student activist spaces, basking in parks, listening to Beyoncé a bit too loudly and hunting down the best Halal cart — all hobbies she hopes to continue to have during her time as a BETA.

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