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Conor O’Brien

Hometown: Bronx, NY

Education: B.A. English, University at Albany

Conor grew up in the city, transitioned between educational systems, has been active in his community, and has a passion for sports, all of which contributed to his pursuit of a future in education. Growing up in the city, Conor was shown a vast network of people. He also attended public school with his twin brother before attending Fordham Prep, a jesuit high school, where he noted differences in his educational experiences and how pedagogies can shape an individual, especially while watching the experiences of his twin brother. As part of his education, Conor was encouraged to volunteer, which led him to become a member of the diversity alliance, ran a homeless awareness campaign, and volunteered at a halfway home for single mothers. Conor has also been an athlete his entire life, and his love for sports found its home when he was introduced to rugby. Through college, rugby developed his leadership and teamwork skills when he was elected captain as a freshman. Conor also started an organization called the Art of Conversation. Through these experiences, Conor has seen the importance of education, the power of teams, and the life-altering impact of what a positive teaching environment can achieve. Conor is also a fan of a good narrative, the act of story-telling, and how nothing can beat the feeling of finishing a good book. Simply put, being a 10th grade English teacher for Blue Engine is going to be exciting.