Chinella Charlton

Hometown: Long Island, NYChinella Charlton

Education: University at Albany – Major: Sociology; Minor: Women’s Studies

Chinella was born and raised in Long Island, New York. Ever since high school, Chinella knew her career interest was going to be geared towards uplifting others in any way she knew how. She pursued this dream by choosing to study sociology and women studies at the University at Albany. During her time there, Chinella joined the transfer mentor program, where she helped transfer students address college struggles, both academically and socially. She was also granted an internship at Albany Police Athletic League (PAL), an after-school program for children from low-middle class backgrounds. PAL’s goal is to steer children away from trouble preventing juvenile violence and crime by creating opportunities in many different arenas. She helped the students with their homework, conducted a great amount of critical thinking activities while also mentoring them on many different life topics. As a BETA, Chinella hopes to become a positive role model for students, where she can not only be that helping hand but be able to bring out the confidence and potential that everyone has but some are afraid to bring out. She believes that with the right help and the right skills, it can be mastered by all. Along with the skills she will learn from working with the BETA community, she aspires to continue her career interests and become a school counselor.

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