Chaewon Hwang

Hometown: Brookline, MAChaewon

Education: University of Rochester – Major: Molecular Genetics; Minors: Psychology as a Social Science, Chemistry

Chaewon was born in Seoul, South Korea, and grew up in Beijing, China, and Brookline, Massachusetts. These experiences living abroad allowed her to explore diverse interests, as well as help her to acquire the ability to speak Korean, Mandarin and English. She graduated from the University of Rochester, with a major in Molecular Genetics, and minors in Psychology as a Social Science and Chemistry. There, she researched anticancer mechanism of rodents, and loved the innovation and discovery that came with research. However, her curiosity did not end there. She cultivated a passion for social justice and teaching, through a legal internship and teaching assistant experiences. The more she engaged in diverse experiences helping people, the more she realized her passion for working with students to reach their potential. She has tutored refugee students from the city of Rochester, and has taught Korean at Camp Friendship NJ. She is looking forward to engaging in a new teaching experience centered around teamwork to help students reach their potential. She is excited to get to work with fellow BETAs and engage with her students this year. In the future, she aspires to become a physician, with a goal of addressing global health and health policy in order to provide quality healthcare for all.

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