Autumn Ortiz

 Pittston, ME

Education: Neuroscience and Behavior, Columbia University

Placement: College Academy

Autumn hails from a small farm in the boonies of Maine. Living in such a rural area frustrated her from a very young age for she felt stifled, both culturally and academically. It was not until she attended the Summer Academy of Math and Science at Carnegie Mellon that she caught a glimpse of her true potential after experiencing and enjoying the academic rigor of higher education. This new confidence brought her all the way to Columbia University, where she initially studied the brain. She joined the Toddler Learning Center her sophomore year, where she worked with underprivileged toddlers and their families. It was through this experience that she discovered her true passion for teaching. This led her to study child development and intern at the Town School with its Upper School Psychologist. This internship opened her eyes not only the importance of academic rigor itself, but also a need for monitoring students’ mental health due to the stress that stems from it. Although most of her experiences involved working with younger children, Autumn is excited to join Blue Engine as a Math Teaching Apprentice. This is the perfect opportunity to help apply her knowledge to aid high school students and for the students to teach and help her grow as an educator. She looks forward to teaching one of her favorite subjects in high school, and hopes to demonstrate that math can be a fun subject even when it is hard. As she takes on this new endeavor, Autumn hopes to engage and inspire her students like the Summer Academy for Math and Science did for her.

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