Angelo Laine

 Brooklyn, NY

Education: Psychology, City College of New York

Placement: Urban Assembly School of Music and Art

Angelo was born in Haiti and moved to the U.S. in 2010 months following the devastating earthquake. With limited english skills, adapting to a new country was not easy. Despite this, Angelo entered City College of New York that same year with aspirations to become a doctor in medicine. In his first semester, a tutor helped him with his essays for a writing class he was taking and, in turn, inspired him to tutor college students in chemistry, biology and math at the Student Support Service program. He tutored AP Psychology to a high school senior, in addition to teaching illiterate elderly people to read and write in Haitian Creole at the Caribbean Immigrants Empowerment Center. During this time, Angelo decided to pursue psychology instead of medicine, and joined the honors program at City College Fellowship to prepare him for a PhD. While he will be attending Teachers College to receive a masters of arts in clinical psychology, Angelo is ecstatic to be working with Blue Engine, hoping to instill pride and confidence in the students he will assist.

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