Andrew Chun

Rochester, NY

Education: BA Anthropology, Yale University

Placement: Bronx Leadership Academy II

Andrew is the proud son of two Korean immigrants. He was born in Seoul, South Korea and raised in Rochester, New York. In college, he studied anthropology and focused on how social factors unfairly harm vulnerable populations and put them at risk for poorer health. He also mentored for ReadySetLaunch, a nonprofit that provides free college consulting for low-income high school students across the nation. Andrew’s positive experiences with education established a strong desire to give back and serve with Blue Engine. He is extremely excited to be a part of this incredible organization that works with students to achieve their dreams. Next year, Andrew hopes to attend medical school and tie together his passion for education and public health. In his free time, he can be found hanging out with friends, crying over the latest Pixar movie, and stuffing his face with Korean BBQ.

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