Amanda Coviello

Turnbridge, VT

Education: BA Anthropology, Bennington College

Placement: The Laboratory School of Finance and Technology

Amanda is proud to call Vermont her home state and where she attended Bennington College. After completing a foreign language education course and traveling to Guatemala to work in several classrooms and group homes during her freshman year, Amanda quickly found a passion for education. Because Bennington College would not allow her to study Education as a primary area of focus, Amanda combined this interest with her interest in Anthropology. She admired the similarities in these disciplines in that they both require the researcher/educator to enter into new situations without judgment and with the ability to understand and appreciate the unique experiences of the individuals around them. During her time at Bennington, Amanda worked in a variety of schools and classrooms; she went to Chile to study comparative education and social change and she spent most summers working at a camp for children with social anxieties, behavioral difficulties, and emotional challenges. During her senior year, Amanda conducted fieldwork and produced a thesis on the capacity of public education to provide for the nonacademic needs of students. Eventually, Amanda would like to continue to investigate the question of schools’ responsibility to meet students’ nonacademic needs and explore other issues related to Education Reform. Amanda is incredibly excited to learn new skills during her year as a BETA and to get to know her students. She is especially excited to be teaching math because it is so much fun.

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